Ad Blocking Brings Out the ‘Net’s Passion

The Internet made its opinions known about Mozilla founder Brendon Eich’s new browser, Brave, that claims to block “all the greed and ugliness on the Web that slows you down and invades your privacy.”

“Either I’ve massively misunderstood the business model of #Brave, or this is an entirely illegal swipe at content providers,” said one disenchanted Twitter user.

In the same week, the IAB’s Randall Rothenberg spoke out about ad blocking “profiteers,” including Brave.

“[Eich’s] business model not only strips advertisements from publishers’ pages – it replaces them with his own for-profit ads.”

Read more on the Internet’s reactions to the browser in a story I wrote here.



Author: feliciagreiff

Hi, I'm Felicia. I graduated from the University of Missouri Journalism School with a minor in English. I'm a social media and content manager in ad tech.

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