Ad Blocking Brings Out the ‘Net’s Passion

The Internet made its opinions known about Mozilla founder Brendon Eich’s new browser, Brave, that claims to block “all the greed and ugliness on the Web that slows you down and invades your privacy.”

“Either I’ve massively misunderstood the business model of #Brave, or this is an entirely illegal swipe at content providers,” said one disenchanted Twitter user.

In the same week, the IAB’s Randall Rothenberg spoke out about ad blocking “profiteers,” including Brave.

“[Eich’s] business model not only strips advertisements from publishers’ pages – it replaces them with his own for-profit ads.”

Read more on the Internet’s reactions to the browser in a story I wrote here.


New Hobby Alert: Needlepoint

I’ve been trying out needlepoint/embroidery for a few weeks now. It’s a ton of fun experimenting with colors and knots, and I’ve been plotting different engagement/Christmas/holiday gifts for family and friends. Below are a few examples of my handiwork so far–be kind! I’m pretty new.

New hobby

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A new campaign from Jimmy Dean, the marketer of sausages and other breakfast foods, goes without the sunshine mascot that it’s used in ads for 10 years. But it aims to build on the character’s optimism to boost sales even at a potentially tricky time for processed meat sales. The new campaign called “Shine It Forward” is Jimmy Dean’s take on paying it forward.

Here’s one of the previous Jimmy Dean ads featuring the sunshine character.

The Best Political Snapchats from the Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair, held in Des Moines, is a beacon of American heartland culture. Fried food, things made of butter, cattle shows, pies, horseshoe pitching and all manners of crafting are on display. In the early months of the race, it’s a perfect softball showcase to display your “gameness” and ability to, you know, interact with the electorate. And while you’re at it, why not broadcast your activities on social media so the public can witness your folksiness in action? Below are my favorite Iowa State Fair snaps so far.

Lindsey Graham (lindseygrahamsc) stands in front of (what appears to be) a butter sculpture of a cow.


Marco Rubio (marcorubio16) plays catch with his kids. I have to hand it to Rubio’s social intern–he or she really seems to know how to use the medium.


Another snap from Rubio. His social media intern should be offered a full-time job. The snap below looks like a real “fly on the wall” moment–the kind of stuff that works best on Snapchat.


This last one is from Scott Walker (govscottwalker). His Snapchat game is pretty good; occasionally there are some weird angles or boring speech clips where you’re too far to hear what he’s saying. The one here is a little awkward. (Is Walker sneezing or overcome with emotion?)